Take a stand against the Dark Web

Cyber attacks are on the rise. Find out if your defences have already been breached.

At least 90% of Singapore businesses experienced a security breach in 2019.1 Most of these attacks stemmed from human error, with hackers luring vulnerable employees to click on unsafe links or phishing sites.


of security breaches are inadvertent, unintentional and caused by human error.


of malware is delivered via email.


of business email compromise (BEC) incidents detected in Southeast Asia occurred in Singapore.2

It’s time for a proactive, holistic approach to security.

At That’s IT, we can help strengthen your security posture by helping you minimize the possibility of human error. We offer a full solution that includes advanced technology and consistent monitoring, integrated with continuous employee training on security and compliance, helping turn your people into your front line of defence. Our approach covers these crucial areas:

Ongoing Monitoring

of the Dark Web for stolen or compromised credentials

Managed Services

including workstation and cyber anti-virus, plus DNS-level protection

Microsoft 365

advanced security and management features to protect business data, applications and devices

Employee Training

including regular phishing simulations to test knowledge and response

That’s IT Security Service

Our Security Service is an integrated, managed program that combines the following services and solutions to protect your business from multiple fronts:

FREE Dark Web Assessment

As a first step, we will run a preliminary Dark Web Scan to provide insights on your current security posture and potential risk.

Dark Web Monitoring

With our 24/7/365 Dark Web Monitoring, we can provide intelligence on compromised credentials to prevent a potential breach. We connect to multiple Dark Web services including Tor, I2P and Freenet, to check if any of your employees’ identities and logins have been stolen.

Managed Services

We implement and manage security solutions for your workstations, including anti-virus software and DNS-level protection. We secure your users and devices and provide continuous monitoring and incident reporting.

Employee Engagement & Training

Cyberattack drills and simulations are essential to test employee response. If a simulated attack is successful, the employee will be required to undergo cybersecurity training and pass a quiz to validate their understanding.

Our regular Train and Phish drills help you identify weak spots in your defences, and to refine your data breach response plan.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is an all-in-one productivity, security and device management solution that includes all the Office 365 applications your employees need to work and collaborate while providing advanced security features including:

Protection from Phishing

Advanced Threat Protection which protects users from phishing by blocking unsafe links and attachments in email.
Multi-Factor Authentication to prevent hackers from entering your environment even if credentials have been compromised

Data Leakage Prevention

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) prevents unauthorized sharing of data.
Azure Information Protection detects sensitive information in documents and emails and assigns labels and policies to protect them from leakage and unauthorized access.

Device Protection

Windows Defender prevents malware from infecting devices.
Bitlocker Encryption secures data on your hard drive and prevents malware from making unauthorized changes to your system.
Remote Wipe lets you selectively wipe business data from devices that have been lost or stolen.


Our regular Security Threat Report contains your overall security posture, any dark web credential compromises and the results of phishing simulations and training campaigns.

What Our Clients Say

Joel and Melvin always go over and beyond the call of duty. Best IT consultants we have ever had. Their reliability and understanding of our needs really makes such a difference.

Jessie Tan – Shin Associates

…That’s IT company sets the gold standard in law firm support. All in all, the team was highly efficient, effective, and helpful in addressing our queries and issues.

Lau Kah Hee – BC Lim & Lau LLC

That's Infotech Pte Ltd has responded to our IT requirements well and had many a time gone an extra mile to ensure our operations are effectively supported. We have entrusted That's IT to support our main office and site offices. We are confident of their IT support services, both in-house and on a remote basis.

Kenneth Yeo – Swee Hong Limited

I am a business owner myself, and I am very happy to be working with That's IT that understands relationships are built over time, and by going above and beyond the terms of an agreement. It is about trust and commitment, and as such, I provide a glowing recommendation for That's Infotech Pte Ltd as a valuable partner and one who will ensure the IT needs are aligned with my business objectives and effectively utilize IT resources in my organization.

Patrice Tze – First Island Limited

There was an occasion when our server had crashed and all the data were lost. That's IT was very quick to dispatch a team of IT specialist after the incident was reported. All the data in the server were also recovered and our company was able to continue its business with little disruption and downtime.

Candy Ng – The Interior Place Pte Ltd 

Why Choose That’s IT

We are experts in business internet security.

We are specialists in cybersecurity, the only IT solutions provider endorsed by the Cyber Security Agency (CSA) of Singapore.

Customer satisfaction is our #1 Priority.

We strive to provide the best customer experience on top of our excellent product and service portfolio.

We provide unlimited, multi-channel support.

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