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The Story of That's IT

That’s Infotech Pte Ltd begins with the story of another small IT company founded by Joel Shee and a group of young gamers in 2014.

What started as fun and games in a LAN shop, building PCs for home use and offering computer repair services quickly evolved into a growing and profitable business which was eventually acquired by an Australian IT company.

In 2016, young Joel once again found himself restless after selling away his first IT company. He therefore decided to start a new company.

It was at this point in time that he decided to tap into the BNI global network which he used as a springboard for his new venture. Being a member of BNI was instrumental in clinching him his first Corporate IT support client – a law firm and the firm went on to gain many more clients in the legal, accounting and finance sectors.

Today, the firm consults firms on data security, Personal Data Privacy Act (PDPA) and has added public listed companies to its portfolio of clients.

Joel Shee, PMP

Joel Shee is the founder of That's IT and is the one responsible for the growth and evolution of the IT firm from a small IT firm to a firm with substantial manpower and technical expertise. With an adorable penchant for the business, Joel has been known to be able to build relationships very quickly and has been successful in forging multiple collaborative efforts with other IT firms in order to deliver the wide range of IT services required by clients.

Melvin Ng
Operations Director

Melvin is the technical and operations Director who is well-versed in Network Infrastructure, Server infrastructure, etc. Highly disciplined and methodical, he has been instrumental in putting in place processes and procedures within the company so that it runs like clockwork. This same fervour for perfection has also come across when implementing or overseeing IT projects for clients.

& Cyber Security Engineer

Logistics & Operations

Network Engineer



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